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With two or more children in the same grade at the same time, sometimes convenience is the best reason to keep twins together in the same class, with one set of assignments, tests, and teachers to keep up with. It’s not an issue of being selfish, or lazy.

Twin Research and Reading Skills

Twins aren’t necessarily the same. While many twins have similarities, and indeed monozygotic (identical) twins can be quite similar, it’s important to realize that twins are two unique individuals. They may learn differently, and they may have vast differences in ability.

Two parents weigh in on why their twins should and shouldn’t be in the same classroom. Illustration: Miki Sato “Yes” Alanna McGinn, mom of two Before my kids, Lila and Duncan, were even out of diapers, I was fielding the question every parent of twins is asked endlessly: “When they start school, will you keep them in the same class?” ?” While my husband and I understand the reasons

21/2/2012 · Jones, Laura and De Gioia, Katey 2010. The same or separate? An exploration of teachers’ perceptions of the classroom assignment of twins in prior to school and kindergarten to Year Two school settings.Journal of Early Childhood Research, Vol. 8, Issue. 3, p. 239.

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Field trips, class parties, and projects are all events for which you’ll have to help plan or even try to attend. If your kids are in the same class, these sync up. If not, you’ll be expected to show up on different days for all of those events. Coordinating pick-ups, drop

28/4/2008 · I have 3 year old Identical twins that are in the same preschool class right now, and their teacher wants me to put them in different classes for next year and I have decided to try it. I think I might want them in th same kindergarten class, and she is trying to tell me

Same or Separate Classes? At the start of each school year I receive requests from a good number of unhappy parents whose young twins are being placed in separate classrooms. Parents say that

“We believe it’s important to listen to what parents have to say and also to what the twins themselves have to say about whether they want to be in the same class or not, because their instincts

22/8/2008 · I have 9 year old boy girl twins that have been in different classes since preschool/daycare. they are going to the 4th grade this year and i want them to be in the same class. if this is my choice and also, fine with the twins, can the school object and refuse to let

28/4/2019 · The twins, on their own, decided to swap classes and trick their teacher (they are in separate classes). The parents aren’t sure to be upset or impressed – they did this on their own! Justin and

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When it comes to multiples starting school, the main question every parent has to consider is “should they be in the same class, or should they be separated”. This obviously is only a point of

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You have every right to keep your twins in the same class. Ours are in 3rd grade now and they’ve been in the same class since pre-school. You need to talk with the Principal and demand it if that’s what you feel is best for your twins. Everyone has different

Should you keep twins in the same class? – Got Twinz Moms of Twins I am the mother of twins that will be 3 in May. I currently have them enrolled in a mother’s day out program 2 days a week and intentionally put them in separate classes.

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Since her identical twins Riley and Taylor were in kindergarten, Sharisse Dalby says she’s had to fight to keep her boys in the same classroom at their Tsawwassen, B.C., school, where the eight

4 Twins in School: Should My Twins Be in the Same Class? As a mother of nine-year-old fraternal girl twins, I have found my association in both the local chapter and the regional chapters of a mother of twins’ group to be invaluable.One of the themes that I

Melissa says although her twins are in the same class, they have their own friendship groups at school and go to different clubs. “They are very close, but they are not dependent on each other and

Twins are known for their competitiveness which can work to their academic advantage. Some parents worry about whether being in the same class will make it harder for twins to establish separate identities, however, experts say that when teachers and classmates get to see identical twin students everyday they will eventually start seeing their differences and learn to tell them apart.

The benefits of keeping twins together at school include: Twins often settle faster in school if they’re kept together. If they like being together, there are definite advantages to keeping them in the same class. Twins who do not want to be separated may suffer if

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29/4/2007 · I have twin Boys who are in Kindergarten now. They are in the same class and doing wonderful. They don’t sit together or play together all the time. They are not co-dependent on each other. On the other hand.. they love knowing that each other are there and that

And having twins in the same class is definitely more convenient for the parents. It could free up space to focus on other things. In a season of being overwhelmed, having twins in the same class could lighten your mental load enough to make you a more

Are the Gosselin twins in the same class in school? Unanswered Questions How is a non-accredited university recognized or ranked? 241 want this answered When do you install the network operating

21/8/2009 · Hi all, Since we started the kids in school, we have requested that our twins, Alex and Olivia, be in the same class, but in both K and 1st grade theTwins in the same class

We have out 4 yo b/g twins at the Goddard School, and I’m really glad they are in the same class together. I know they have each other, and when my wife it on the road a lot, or my days at work are long, I know they have each other.

Same class! (Female w/ male twin) I got to go through first grade w/ him but then they separated us for god-knows-why. I wish we got to be in the same class since we learned everything else together. Would have been nice if we had the same homework as well

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Twins in the same class – -I used to be against it, now I am for it in a big way. When their kids start going to school, parents of multiples are faced with a dilemma: do I put my kids in the same

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Twins in same class?: Do you prefer to put both the kids in same class? There are pros and cons in both.. Share your views.. – BabyCenter India Hi Div26 Though my kids have not started going to school yet I would be keen that they are in the same school but

10/8/2008 · I have twins, they were in the same class in kindergarten, they wanted to separate in 1st-3rd grade, put them back together in 4th grade due to teacher concerns (on my part–did NOT want them with one of the teaches). They moved to middle school and have

1/12/2011 · My twins were in same class in primary school for 6yrs.. Nw that they r posted to Montfort sec, they r going to different classes.. Their results r only 2 marks different so can’t b based on results for separation.. They r in express class though.. I hv mixed feelings

Your twins are starting kindergarten, but how do you decide if they should be in the same class or differnt classes for their first year of school? Twins seemed to amplify everything – pregnancy became high risk, followed by a scary hospital stay and preterm delivery.

5/12/2010 · Schooling for twins – same class or not? This is the place to get and support on raising twins, triplets or multiple children, from other parents with multiples. Compare notes on everyting from the best double buggies to getting enough sleep.

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They are in the same preschool, have the same neighborhood friends, but do I or don’t I put them into the same class. At preschool they are in the same class. I drop them off and they go in seperate directions with their own friends. Of the 4 sets of twins, they

My girls are starting kindergarten next month and I’d love to hear some experiences with twins in the same class and different classes. I think we’re going to put them in different classes, but I’m still a bit on the fence about it. Thanks!

I am not in the UK so this is a bit different.I have twin boys that are about to enter their last year of pre-school. One is suspected to be on the a Save big! Save money on clothes, holidays, days out, pregnancy and baby gear, homeware, garden furniture and more

29/6/2007 · Florence has two sets of twins, one set co-ed and the other set same sex. “My boy-girl set are at the age right now that I separated my girls. My boy-girl set are going to go to the same class

Authorities may not realize that twins can be treated as individuals and remain in the same classroom, or that prematurely separating multiples in school can heighten the need they have for each other and, as a result, get their school career off to a negative start.

Same class assignments and homework for the children When children are placed into different homerooms, they may experience different types of learning and teaching strengths. Parents may be forced to deal with different assignments and different learning.

Most twins have two identities: the one they share with their twin brother or sister as part of a pair, and the one that they enjoy all on their own. Most twins enjoy being a twin since it is a

1/2/2014 · I believe some twins would benefit from being together in class, while some twins may need to be separated. I also believe there is a fine line between wanting what’s best for the kids and wanting what’s best for mommy/daddy. No matter what, when it comes to

Separating twins in school is a big decision for all twin parents. Here are several pros and cons of keeping twins together or in separate classes. If your twins have proven they are independent and can be just fine without each other, separating them in classes likely

My B/G twins are starting next year (sept 06) and I wonder what thoughts other mums of twins – (or grown up twins looking back on their schooldays fo Save big! Save money on clothes, holidays, days out, pregnancy and baby gear, homeware, garden furniture and

A study suggests not – and says there should be no strict rules about separating twins at school. They found that, on average, separating them had no substantial positive or negative effect on the

I shared some classes with my twin sister throughout junior high and high school. We were also in the same classes first year of college. Advantages: * Built-in study partner, lab/group work partner, and friend * Someone to commiserate with in har

Twins aren’t usually a common sight – unless you live in Franklin. This year, Alice Ballard’s pre-kindergarten class has passed a record for the school. Ballard has taught at Franklin East Grade