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WhatsApp chat history stuck at 0% for hours? Read this article and learn about how to fix WhatsApp backup problem efficiently. Way 2: Flexible Backup with UltData Another alternative way to preserve your data is to back it up to your local hard drive via personal

If you are backing up WhatsApp to iCloud and find it stuck during the process, you should read the 8 useful tips in this post and resolve it soon. As mentioned above, this tool can also restore WhatsApp backup to your iOS or Android device. The process is below:

We have collected all the possible fixes online in this text to help you fix WhatsApp Backup Stuck on your Android device. “My automatic WhatsApp backup has been getting stuck at 99%. I’ve set up the backup to happen automatically every day and for the last 5

You can also try to delete the previous backup for WhatsApp if the WhatsApp backup to iCloud is still stuck. Doing this will fix this WhatsApp backup issue. To avoid encountering the issue of data loss after removing the last WhatsApp backup, we recommend.

But recently, many WhatsApp users reported that WhatsApp backup is stuck at 0% for hours on iPhone. What’s the reason for this issue? How to fix it? Don’t worry, this article will show you how to solve the issue of WhatsApp backup stuck. 1. Decrease -> .

Looking how to fix WhatsApp stuck on iCloud backup? Learn the best 10 methods to fix WhatsApp stuck on iCloud backup” on iPhone with ease If you are an Apple user then you must know that iCloud is one of the best ways to back up all your valuable data from iPhone.

Since there can be different reasons for getting a WhatsApp backup stuck, you might have to perform a few things to resolve it. In this in-depth guide, I will let you know how to resolve the WhatsApp chat backup stuck problem for Android and iPhone.

29/11/2019 · With the above 5 solutions, you will never worry about WhatsApp backup stuck on Android issue. We offer you an easy-to-use WhatsApp backup tool – Android Data Backup & Restore to backup WhatsApp data without hassle. If you have any questions, please


How to restore your chat history – You can transfer your WhatsApp data to a new phone by restoring from Google Drive or a local backup. Restore from a Google Drive

Conclusion WhatsApp backup getting stuck on Android can be troublesome because you don’t know whether the reason is with the app or the device system. With the above methods, this issue can get solved easily. For any Android system-related issues on your

Method 2: Alternative to Back Up WhatsApp to iCloud If it still fails to back up your WhatsApp to iCloud, you may consider using other alternatives like iTunes or iOS Data Backup & Restore. To know how they work, you can follow these tutorials. Alternative 1

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Correlated with iCloud account, WhatsApp creates the quick way to backup chat conversations automatically to iCloud on iPhone, and restore the backup when login WhatsApp on another device or reinstall WhatsApp. However, some users reported that WhatsApp backup to iCloud gets stuck at 0% or 0 bytes for hours.


18/12/2017 · I’m not sure if this is an issue with WhatsApp, iCloud/Apple, or a combination, so I’m contacting both parties. The WhatsApp iCloud backup feature keeps getting stuck at a certain point (e.g. x MB out of the total MB to backup). At that point it will start saying

iCloud Backup gets Stuck / hangs and Phot 30/9/2019
Whatsapp backup is stuck at 0% – Apple Community 8/8/2019


16/7/2019 · Whatsapp backup stuck while uploading This video also answers some of the queries below: How to fix whatsapp backup stuck while uploading whatsapp chat backup stuck iPhone whatsapp backup stuck

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WhatsApp backup to iCloud stuck? In this article, you will find 9 helpful tips to fix WhatsApp chat backup stuck on iPhone 11/XS/XR/X, iPad Pro etc. Tip 1. Check Network Connection If you’re unable create an iCloud backup of your WhatsApp chats, the very first

My Samsung Galaxy S8 was stuck on a boot loop so I got it replaced. I installed WhatsApp and tried to restore my previous backup. But the restore process got stuck at 69%. This becomes frustrating when you are about to lose important files during the restoring

Google Drive backup is a feature that WhatsApp starts to adopt for Android users in October, 2015. In addition to backing up WhatsApp chats, messages and call history locally, users now can store both textual and multimedia content in Google Drive. Why Google

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What if WhatsApp restore stuck Android and it finally fails. Here we have provided some of the efficient ways to fix this problem. “I just purchased the brand new Samsung Galaxy S10; it’s an amazing device. But the moment I tried to restore my WhatsApp backup

29/5/2019 · Can’t backup Whatsapp to iCloud This video also answers some of the queries below: whatsapp iCloud backup stuck how to backup whatsapp message on iPhone iPhone whatsapp backup whatsapp backup

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4) Install whatsapp on new phone and register and then it said there is a backup file founded, asked if I would like to restore it. 5) I clicked restore, so whatsapp processes. for around 1-2 minutes, whatsapp quits itself, prompts “Unfortunately, whatsapp has

Fix #4 – Using iMyFone iTransor to Fix WhatsApp iCloud Backup Stuck Issue If your WhatsApp iCloud Backup Stuck issue could not be fixed, we suggest you try a powerful third-party tool – iMyFone iTransor (formly name: iMyfone D-Port Pro), which can backup your WhatsApp data separately & download all photos from iCloud.

While you can’t officially transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android or vice -versa, we have discovered a few workarounds. The Whatsapp chat backup also comes handy when a user is switching

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Whatsapp chat backup which happens automatically daily, has been getting stuck at 99%! So since the past 5 days google drive hasn’t completed the backup process. I have restarted my phone working on Android, cleared my phone of unnecessary files, tried

Whatsapp backup – Google Drive Help
Whatsapp doens’t make a backup to Google Drive, any help


不小心刪除了 WhatsApp 對話記錄怎麽辦?如何從備份裡救回不見的 WhatsApp 訊息和媒體文件?定期備份 iPhone WhatsApp 對話記錄非常重要,無論你是誤刪了 WhatsApp 訊息,還是想要還原 WhatApp 備份檔,本教學將介紹如何從 iPhone 備份恢復 WhatsApp


WhatsApp chat backup and WhatsApp restore from iCloud stuck? If your attempts to restore WhatsApp chat history from iCloud failed or stuck at 0% or 99%, try EaseUS MobiSaver to fix it, which helps recover lost and deleted WhatsApp messages easily from

Manage your phone data on computer using iPhone SMS/MMS Backup & Restore, Android SMS/MMS Backup & Restore, iPhone WhatsApp Backup & Restore, Android WhatsApp Backup & Restore, iPhone Viber Transfer,Android Viber Transfer and more.

如何回復您的對話記錄 – 自 iCloud 備份檔案回復您的對話記錄 請在 WhatsApp > 設定 > 對話 > 對話備份 確認 iCloud 備份檔案已存在。 如此頁面顯示上次進行備份的時間,請直接在手機上登入 App Store 並 刪除並重新安裝 WhatsApp。 在驗證電話號碼後,請依照螢幕上的提示來回復您的對話記錄。 請注意

As predicted by this help-page the WhatsApp client tried to download the Google Drive backup, but this also seems to get stuck on a similar disfunctional network connection. After some timeout it fell back on the aforementioned local backup. I would like to

Looking for a way to move WhatsApp Chat History from Android to iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6? The following guide shows you how to transfer Android WhatsApp Messages to iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus in clicks. All WhatsApp chats will be merged perfectly on iPhone

Part 3. How to restore WhatsApp chats from iCloud? After taking an iCloud WhatsApp backup, you can easily keep your WhatsApp chats and attachments safe. Though, there are times when users wish to restore WhatsApp chats to the same or any other iOS device as

14/5/2018 · I had same problem on mi4i. I was having backup on google drive. but during restore It was getting stuck. Later I realized that i have more than one google account set up in my

6/10/2016 · 2 days ago I still able to backup my Whatsapp chat history to iCloud but today it got stuck (see pic below) i try on Wifi, 3G and LTE doesn’t help. MacRumors attracts a broad audience of both consumers and professionals interested in the latest technologies and

12/10/2016 · Yesterday night i backed up my whatsapp chat. I used data. Then i left it uploading to icloud. Few minutes later i checked and its on 33% progress. The total is about 2gb~. Then at dawn today i checked its on 67%. A few minutes later i checked and it be like this. Stuck at 0%, 98kb. And the total storage also had been reduced to 1gb~(i think 1gb~ was my last backup). Steps that i had taken was

Part I. How to fix iCloud restore stuck issue on your phone As we have said, you do not need a computer to make an iCloud backup and, it follows, you do not need a computer to solve this ‘stuck’ problem. What you do need is a stable Wi-Fi connection, and the

If your old device is with you Delete WhatsApp backup from Google Drive. See steps from WhatsApp FAQ Redo Google drive backup manually (Settings → chats → chat backup → Google drive) and restore That will create a fresh backup so corruption is ruled out, though would take longer

WhatsApp Messenger: More than 1 billion people in over 180 countries use WhatsApp to stay in touch with friends and family, anytime and anywhere. WhatsApp is free and offers simple, secure, reliable messaging and calling, available on phones all over the world.

If it seems like WazzapMigrator is very slow or stuck during migration, it’s possible that your phone is unable to perform the whole procedure for performance/memory issue. I suggest to lower the number of messages imported at once in the WazzapMigrator

Migration slow or stuck WhatsApp local backup not found Disable WhatsApp backups on Google Drive Why only old messages have been imported Screen overlay detected Messages not searchable after import Skip check of older Android WhatsApp backups

WhatsApp Backup to iCloud Stuck? How to Fix It “WhatsApp iCloud backup stuck at 0% and just won’t move. Last successful backup was on 7th January 2020, since then the process keeps hanging. My iCloud is as good as unused, it has 4.5GB/5GB available.

As you probably know, restoring from backup would wipe your current chats with those in the new phone. So this method could only be used if you have a very new target phone. otherwise, I recommend Backuptrans WhatsApp Transfer. It lets you merge the chat

Anyone who has tried to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android knows the pain of leaving behind all your valuable data on your iPhone when switching to the new Android Phone. The lack of any official Whatsapp data transfer makes the matters much worse.

Explore the comprehensive tips to fix WhatsApp backup not working and protect your WhatsApp data efficiently Read on to find out how to fix your WhatsApp backup with the iSkysoft Toolbox. Step 1 . Download the iSkysoft Toolbox program and run it on your PC.

26/12/2017 · I then tried restoring by transferring the backup file itself from my nexus 5 to the new phone. I deleted the app but left the app files on the phone. After reinstalling, once again Whatsapp tried restoring from the drive and got stuck. This time it asked if I want to

Ran into the same problem. I switched over to a different Google account for backup – one that had not been used before. That full backup completed successfully. I then switched back to my original account. That one got stuck at 100% again. Sent/received a few

If you’re having problems backing up your Whatsapp chats, check out our handy troubleshooting guide. Always but sometimes it doesn’t quite go to plan and the backup will pause or ‘get

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22/4/2018 · Unable to Make Voice Calls Issues Relating to Extracting WhatsApp Data Unable to Backup Not Responding. Whatsapp backup stuck. Now, These problems may cause the WhatsApp backup not working. Because of that, we have listed a few solutions for you


Unable to restore WhatsApp from iCloud backup? Don’t worry. This guide will share you several useful tips to fix the WhatsApp restoring from iCloud not working issue easily. Solution 4. Check iPhone Storage If your iPhone doesn’t have enough available storage for

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How Can I Recover WhatsApp Messages from Android? Tutorial to Manage WhatsApp Account on Android What to Do If WhatsApp Backup Process Stuck on Android? While backing up the WhatsApp files to Google Drive, you may meet the problem that

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